Spies Need Love Too

from 14:00 to 16:00 streaming at 


Surveillance is a form of presence in the public sphere.

surveillance versus participation / perception versus reality


Following our talk and activities about media and the public sphere at Generative Indirections, we now wish to record and live stream all the conversations happening in the event, simultaneously. We will install and operate a listening apparatus that surveils and transmits audio output of each one the meetings to the internet. We will improvise a live mix of several tracks, toying with the resulting cacophony and with the possibility of clear understanding.


Spies Need Love Too makes visible the process and methods of audio recording, acknowledges their performative elements, and challenges the notion that surveillance is somehow an external presence in contemporary society. We submit that the notions of public sphere and public space must be thought of as totalities that include the speakers and the listeners, the actors and the spectators, the protesters and the protested. We pay homage to the women and men whose job is to pay attention to what other people do.

bio is a radio station, based in Lisbon.

In their own words, “We are a non-profit media platform, born out of the social and technological turbulence of the early twenty-first century. We are interested in exploring the artistic connections between analog and digital media. Culture is our starting point for a permanent inquiry about the world, its societies, and their relationships”.