Primeiros Sintomas


Dressing room 5 | 11:00-13:00h

It has been twelve years since the playright Miguel Castro Caldas arrives at the rehearseals with an unfinished play, so that it can be discussed with the actors and the director. This time, the director, Bruno Bravo, asked Miguel to arrive at the rearseals with a finished one, because he is tired of discussions, “do what you want, I don’t care, as long as I can have some rest”. So, this is the first meeting in which Miguel Castro Caldas is going to show to Bruno Bravo what he is up to. This time Bruno can’t run from the discussion, not with actors, but with public. So please come ye young and old boys and girls, come and discuss with us, because when the stream is still very feeble, to step with a small foot is enough to make it change direction.

Primeiros Sintomas (First Symptoms) is a theatre group based in Lisbon, with artistic direction of Bruno Bravo. Debuted in 2001, with the show A’ROSAS SUICIDAM-SE (ROSES COMMIT SUICIDE), staged and interpreted by Bruno Bravo and Élvio Camacho, from Greguerías by Ramón Gómez de la Serna, in co-production with Teatro Experimental do Funchal, at the Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias (Funchal), Chapitô and Teatro da Barraca (Lisbon).

In 2002 the group produced in co-production with Centro Cultural de Belém the show TRANSFER, staged by Carla Bolito. In the same year, the shows O VIDRO, by Francisco Luís Parreira and FRANKENSTEIN, from Mary Shelley, staged by Bruno Bravo, and staged at the Casa Conveniente and the space Abril em Maio, respectively. Since then the group has presented several performances, at both alternative and conventional spaces, maintaining a varied dramaturgy between classical and contemporary theatre plays and adaptations of literary works, with special reference to the collaboration of Miguel Castro Caldas as the author of many of the plays.