Stage | 11:00-15:30


There is no need for definition but mobilization



Demimonde is not a project but a continuous update of a sense for the actuality. Momentum generated by the need and desire to face the moment and act upon it. Demimonde has as many definitions as people who participate or who resort to it. Place, physical or not, of meetings or events. Generated by artists interested in having an active role in creating contexts where artists are able to exhibit their work. Place of discourse, materials experimentated with, ideas expressed, where people join, relations entwine, where economics attains form, where space and time are dealt with. Demimonde every moment is what is done with it.


*At this meeting it is asked of each participant to bring delicacies that are to contribute to the shared common table.



Demimonde  is a project for creation and dinamization of spaces (physical or not) dedicated to artistic experimentation initiated by two independent companies (Máquina Agradável and AADK –  Arquitectura Actual da Cultura) together with several individual artists. Since 2011 has organized the events: “Celebração” (Culturgest 2012), Ora Bolas Há Espaço Vamos Usá-lo (Galeria da Boavista, 2012), Demimonde na Galeria da Boavista (2013) and Meio Mundo Estrada Fora / Carte Blanche à Demimonde (Oporto, Madrid, Paris, 2014), among others.