® de Reunião™*, powered by Chef Rø [Laboratório de Experiências Gastro-Conceptuais, iLda.]

It’s a catering service for meetings: hipster boxes with retro logos and cool food inside, to stave off munchies in style, keeping the mind on brainstorming. The boxes are portable and transferable. Pick up yours at Baldio’s meeting point!

*reunião is the portuguese word for meeting


Chef Rø is the culinary alias of the Portuguese performing artist Rogério Nuno Costa. Since 2006 he’s been developing an interdisciplinary project called “Vou À Tua Mesa” [Going To Your Table], in the context of which he creates performances, documentaries, supper clubs, show cookings, workshops, theme parties, radio and TV shows, installations, pop-up restaurants, and numerous cross-disciplinary essays about the possibilities of interconnection between Art, Gastronomy, Philosophy and Technology. As “conceptual chef”, food writer and culinary consultant, he’s been working with many artists, companies and cultural institutions in Portugal and abroad, along with some renowned chefs and restauranteurs. He was one of the finalists of first season’s culinary competition Masterchef Portugal. He’s a food writer in the blog, the online cultural platform Viral Agenda and the specialised culinary magazine Intermagazine. He’s also the Portuguese ambassador for the international food event Restaurant Day. He aims to elevate Art to the status of Gastronomy; the opposite has already been done.