Casa Do Vapor /Exyzt

Casa do Vapor/ EXYZT

MM café | 11:00-14:00

In october 2013 we started to dismantle Casa do Vapor, it was a long process and it is still happening. The Casa is not fully dismantled, part of the kitchen is still there. It is not a kitchen anymore but it is still a meeting point. Most of us, activators, are not in Cova anymore. The Baldio meeting in March is a moment for re-union. Everybody that shared and built Casa do Vapor will be invited to join this moment and think about the future of Casa do Vapor. We want to ask questions and maybe answer them. Where is Casa going? What are we going to do now? How can we keep working together? What was built there? What do we have now? What are our expectations?


Casa do Vapor (Steam House) is a collaboration between the EXYZT collective, the Ensaios e Diálogos Association and the Cova do Vapor Residents Association – it’s an ephemeral cultural center and a new meeting point for local community and outside visitors.

It was created as a space to stimulate sharing, learning and the artistic creation and experimentation, in order to increase active participation and cultural valuation in the community at Cova do Vapor.

From April to October 2013, Casa do Vapor opened its doors and hosted a wide cultural program. Besides artistic residencies and activities for the community, the Casa is open to everyone as a catalyst and incubator for new ideas and projects.