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Generative Indirections – Program


The event will have the format of a residency, organised in plenary discussions and workshops. At the end of the day, keynote lectures, open to the general public, will take place at baldios or commons, in abandoned public land, in a performative gesture.

Please download our program here.

Researching the relations between ongoing artistic, social and political forms of life, Generative Indirections intends to explore the potentialities of performance studies in the critical space between the Social Sciences, Humanities and Art, and give voice to counter hegemonic epistemologies, blurring theory and practice. In-direction thus becomes a magnetic field, moving between theory and practice, challenging disciplinary boundaries in order to question how Performance Studies can be received  in Portugal.

The idea of hospitality, a doing-together, is the modus operandi for this international event, through which we hope to build a dialogue whose boundaries are necessarily broad.Hospitality can be understood as an embodied cultural practice of receiving and being received that opens possibilities of negotiation between public and private, informality and reflexion. As a performative practice, simultaneously affective and political, it encourages the construction of bridges between modes of knowing and modes of being.

We ask how Performance Studies can currently be received in Portugal, questioning the context of where we come from and the productive possibilities of what we can be.