Avenida Intendente


Balcony | 14:00-16:00


This meeting will be an encounter with the duration of 2h. Here, will be discussed with 15 people, team members and special guests, the project AVENIDA INTENDENTE.


AVENIDA INTENDENTE is an urban installation to perform in Rua do Benformoso and Rua dos Anjos. AVENIDA INTENDENTE aims to integrate Benformoso-Anjos axis in a widest Intendente, as a creative and unique city space, ensuring a favorable climate for local initiative. It aims to boost the full experience of the street, giving visibility to the existing commerce, attracting new occupations according to the uniqueness of the neighborhood, new audiences and new social, cultural and urban dynamics. This was once one of the main axes of the city, with a significant role in the local economy of Mouraria, that should be revived socially and economically, inscribing it in a renewal cycle that has already started by identifying an area urgently in need of approaching the stimulus provided by the regeneration of Largo do Intendente.




ARTÉRIA is an independent architectural studio working closely with artists and other liberal professionals which aims to conceive, develop and promote urban renewal projects.


ARTÉRIA believes in action research projects, within a transdisciplinary framework, to create unique proposals  together with public and private organizations.


ARTÉRIA defends the importance of education for Space and Architecture, by building site-specific educational projects to develop spatial reading and abstraction capabilities.


ARTÉRIA works on the social, cultural and artistic dimensions of Architecture, through the direct involvement of communities, by the production of their own intervention programs in the territory, establishing partnerships with local