Dressing room 3 | 12:00-16:00h

The AND Game Sessions are an invitation addressed to everybody – of all ages, genders and occupations – to experience a game which is very similar to the games they already know, but also very different. In this game, the rules emerge from the play itself, across a work of folding-and-unfolding, from which you can “think with your hands” on issues of sustainability and coexistence, train an attention to the “common” and contribute, at each move, to the emergence of reciprocity between personal affects and collective events.



AND_Lab is an artistic research and scientific creativity laboratory, produced by RE.AL and directed by João Fiadeiro and Fernanda Eugénio.

AND_Lab is born of the need to frame, under the same roof, a set of relations that have been developing and asserting themselves between the method of Real Time Composition and researchers and institutions connected with Anthropology, Economy/Management, Neurobiology or Complex Systems Science.

In a world where uncertainty is the rule, not the exception, we think it is time to value what is generally “lost in translation”, rather than obsessively trying to understand, anticipate and control anything that happens around us. It is time for an unambiguous investment in questions rather than in answers, in suggestions rather than in conclusions, and in processes rather than in products. Such a deceleration of time and gaze can only happen predicated on renovated paradigms of encounter, confrontation, and exchange. Paradigms that move us out of the “comfort zone”, and put us in a state of opening to the unknown.

Our motivation to work in spaces that are generated by “doubt”, by “experimentation”, and by “in-betweens”, is based upon the bare conviction that a new world is not inaugurated when we find the answers, but rather when we reformulate the questions. Departing from this premise, the main axis of AND_Lab is to create the conditions for the process to transform into an end in itself, giving it visibility, relevance, and autonomy. Therefore the AND_Lab intends to become a place of intersection between practices and thoughts from several areas, in order to experience/explore alternative forms of imagining these questions.

There are no spectators, there are no artists, there are no scientists: we are all makers of our own happening.