about us

This place is inhabited by people who are using Performance Studies in the context of their M.A.s and PhDs. We all come from different departments and universities in Portugal and most of us have left the country in order to pursue our studies in this field.

The project for a regional research cluster was conceived in June 2011,at the 17th Psi Conference in Utrecht. Five people, at that time all living in different countries, got together for this purpose: Ana Bigotte Vieira (FCSH-UNL/ Visiting Scholar na NYU), Ana Pais (CET-FLUL/ Visiting Scholar at NYU), Pedro Manuel (Utrecht Universiteit), Manuel Henriques (MAIPR – University of Warwick/ Amsterdam Universiteit) and Ricardo Seiça Salgado (ISCTE-IUL/ Visiting Scholar at NYU).

We then began an email conversation. Our first project was to question what Performance Studies have been/are/ can be and what a Performance Studies international meeting in Portugal can consist of. These were our questions when we outlined Generative Indirections, an international meeting that will take place in September 2013.

During Pre-cluster#1 (Excavating Indirections), a residency organized in September 2012 at Espaço do Tempo in Montemor-o-Novo, this project was collectively rewritten by Portuguese researchers and artists that, like us, have also found Performance Studies useful for their work, and who became our associated researchers.

Baldio is a space where – in several ways, under various forms, with various voices and testing various translations – an interdisciplinary approach is rehearsed to which the name Performance Studies can be given.

Generative Indirections is the name of the international meeting of Performance Studies, taking place in September 2013 supported by Performance Studies International.