Experimental Course in Performance Studies
September – December 2016, Escola das Gaivotas, Lisbon, Portugal

– REGISTRATION OPEN till July 25 –

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TAKING POSITION | THE POLITICAL AND PLACE, Experimental Course in Performance Studies (ECPS) is designed as a proposal of encounter with-in study, a process of study for encounters to be, throughout the convergence of reading practices, discussion, research and experimentation: a three month course to experiment with tools, methodologies, issues, concerns, problems and limitations related to Performance Studies, in order to interrogate our present. Emphasizing the contingency of critical thought production, the course is characterized by a tight relation between the performative and the experimental, with a strong focus on the conversation between the several fields at stake: theatre, dance, music, performance, architecture, anthropology, philosophy, politics, history, critical theory, literature. It encompasses a continuous workshop intended as a common thread throughout the course, and three thematic axes.

The continuous workshop, Problems in Performance Studies (September 19 to December 5, Mondays from 6:30pm to 9:30pm) addresses the epistemological, aesthetic, and political complexity of this field of study, working on a set of operational key-concepts that appear as fundamental to approach issues that have been recurrent within the field of Performance Studies: performance, performer, performative, performativity, performing, reperformance. Starting by positioning these terms in their historical contexts of emergence, we will then experiment with their possible displacements, assembling materials from several geographies, registers and media. Their repositioning will suggest them other tonalities and modulations, which enable the extension of their implications across distinct fields of artistic and theoretical practice, taking into account the forms of life that sustain them.

The 3 Thematic Axes (one-month each, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm) are designed as one-month intensive workshops, intended as places of agency between artistic and theoretical practices, along with daily coexistence:
1) Situated Urban Practices by Fernanda Eugénio and Joana Braga
2) Language Incorporations by Ana Mira and Ricardo Seiça Salgado
3) The Archive as Gesture – Digital Crossings by Ana Bigotte Vieira, Ana Riscado and Paula Caspão

The Course is addressed to anyone interested in research issues and experimentations related to the field of Performance Studies.
TEAM: Ana Bigotte Vieira, Ana Mira, Ana Riscado, Fernanda Eugénio, Joana Braga, Paula Caspão, Ricardo Seiça Salgado and guests.
LOCAL: Escola das Gaivotas. Rua das Gaivotas, nº 8 | 1200-202 Lisbon
REGISTRATION: Full fee: 450 Euros. With grant: 300 Euros.
DEADLINES: Registrations are open until July 15 2016. Please send your application to baldiohabitado@gmail.com, with your name, a biographical note and a motivation letter (up to 400 words).
GRANT: It is possible to be offered a 150-euro grant, to be deducted from the full fee of the course. To apply, please send a letter briefly explaining the reasons of your request (up to 300 words), and add it to your application.
CONTACT: baldiohabitado@gmail.com
Escola das Gaivotas, Rua das Gaivotas, n.º 8 | 1200-202 Lisbon